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Daniel Spriggs & Sarah Throckmorton
Daniel Spriggs has been rather elusive to me.  I found that he was born on January 21, 1773.  However,  I have seen conflicting information about the location of his birth.  Some say New Jersey, but I have found him born in Pennsylvania and Virginia also.

He married Sarah Throckmorton in 1800, Sarah was the daughter of Lewis and Rachel Dumas/Demoss Throckmorton.  She was born in 1778 in Maryland.  Sarah's ancestry has been traced by many genealogists.  One 'cousin' has her linked to Charlemagne and William the Conqueror, but nothing is proven!!

There is proof, however, that Daniel and Sarah did raise their family in Ohio (for the most part).  They both died and are buried in Ohio.  This is a list of their known children:

Joseph S. Spriggs b: April 13, 1801
Sarah Spriggs b: April 28, 1802
Rachel Spriggs b: may 21, 1804
Daniel Spriggs II b: 1805
Lewis Spriggs b: before 1810
Nancy Anne Spriggs b: 1812
Benjamin Franklin Spriggs b: August 3, 1813
Ebenezer Spriggs b: abt. 1814
Peter Spriggs b: 1815
 Delilah Spriggs b: 1816
William Spriggs b: 1818
Ivy Spriggs b: ?

Two of Daniel and Sarah's sons-Joseph and Ebenezer were both ministers.

Daniel owned property in Ohio in the mid-1800's.  Daniel bought this property which was initially called the Scioto Salt Reserves. This land was set aside for the salt that was very valuable to everyone.  Later, other salt sources were found and the reserves were divided into lots (of about 80 acres each) and sold to the public.

Daniel died on his 73rd Birthday, January 21, 1846 in Ohio.  Sarah died in 1850 in Franklin Township, Jackson Co., Ohio.

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