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Henry Halfaker
Mary "Polly" Barrick
Henry Halfaker was born circa 1770 in Maryland.  Little is known yet of his exact ancestry.  There are many reasons to believe that he is a descendant of Johann Michael Hoffacker who came to the United States from Germany in 1732 on the ship Judith, however I have not yet been able to find the connection to Hoffacker.  I have seen the name spelled various ways in respect to Henry.  Halfaker, Halfacre, Huffacor and Halfacker.  Johann Michael's son even had a son named Henry Huffaker, but the dates of birth and death do NOT match and thanks to my "cousin" W.L. Schaich, I have PROOF that Henry Halfaker died and was buried in Nolan Cemetery, Johnson Co., Indiana.

Mary "Polly" Barrick was born on November 4, 1779 in Frederick Co., MD.  Her parents were Phillip Barrick and Maria Groos.  She married Henry Halfaker on July 3, 1800 in Washington Co., Virginia.  The marriage record from the county have their names misspelled as Henry Huffacor and Molly Barrack, but it is undoubtedly them.  Children born to this union are as follows:

Jacob Halfaker  b: August 12, 1802
Sampson Halfaker b:?
Charles Halfaker  b: April 8, 1806


Many court documents are available from Washington Co., Virginia with the couple's names.  Many documents spell the name Halfaker, but some are spelled Halfacre and even Huffaker.  This has made it very hard to trace them.  They moved to Indiana around 1836 as land records there show Henry, Jacob and Charles all to be original landowners in Johnson Co., Indiana.

Henry and Polly had a long marriage and died within days of each other.  Henry on September 2, 1850 and Polly on September 4, 1850.

Most of the information on this page was provided by W. L. Schaich and Jim Huffaker.  W.L. Schaich has written a book called "The Halfaker Book" and has done many hours of research on my direct line.  I hope that very soon, we will uncover more information about Henry's ancestry.
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