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Herman Beverforden & Sophia Hinnkampe
Herman Beverforden was born in Berlin, Germany circa 1820.  He came to the United States in the 1840's.  It is believed that his family owned a very large meat slaughtering business in East Berlin, Germany.  They were engaged in this business  with people by the name of Siebel.

Herman married Hanna Hinnkampe and they came to the U.S.  The couple had four sets of twins during their marriage and all of the babies died.  Hanna contracted small pox and died August 3, 1857.

Herman brought her sister, Sophia to the U.S. and soon made her his wife.  Sophia was born in 1834 in Germany. Their first daughter, Marie Beverforden was born on July 11, 1869.  No record of other children was found between the years of 1869-1878, however the family did increase with the following births:

Wilhenina Johanna "Minnie" Beverforden  b: December 7, 1878
Ludwig Gottfried "Fred" Beverforden b: December 7, 1881

Herman Beverforden's death and burial are unknown.  However, Sophia died on August 29, 1892 in the Old Bethlehem Cemetary in St. Louis which has since been destroyed.

**Much of the information contained on this page comes from "The Halfaker Family History" written by William E. Rohrer.  William is the youngest son of Serelda Halfaker Rohrer.

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