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Macdonald Crawford

Obviously, as we get closer to ourselves in the Family Tree, we always seem to have more information about our ancestors. I know a lot more about MacDonald Crawford than any of his forefathers as my grandfather, Charles Crawford grew up with his grandfather "White Mack." Grandpa had lots of stories to tell about his Grandpa.

Macdonald Crawford was born in 1841 in Scioto Co., OH and grew up around the Ohio River Valley with his family. His father Milton worked in the iron furnaces all around the Ohio River Valley as did Mack when he was old enough to go to work.  We know that he worked at Midland Furnace in Portsmouth, Scioto Co., OH.  Macdonald was a very strong man. He was 6'2" tall and weighed around 225 according to his Civil War mustering out papers.   As you can see by the above picture, Macdonald was holding a railroad tie at the age of about 65 years old--he was VERY strong!!

He feel deeply in love with a young woman named  Rachel Radabaugh  and always told Grandpa, "the minute he laid eyes on her, he knew that she would be his wife."  At the time, the Civil War was beginning in the South and Macdonald was to join the Ohio 117th Volunteer Infantry, which later became the 1st Ohio Heavy Artillery .

Macdonald made Rachel his wife on December 23, 1861 in Scioto Co, OH.  A Crawford family friend, Philander Bennett and Rachel's father, Lewis Radabaugh stood with the young couple as they took their vows.  Mack and Rachel had a wonderful and loving marriage that produced two sons and five daughters.  Rachel died in 1885 when she was only about 40 years old and left her distraught husband with his children.  Later Benjamin, one of his sons moved to Missouri and Macdonald followed him to find work and leave his precious Rachel behind.

Macdonald found work in Missouri at the Iron Furnaces in St. James, MO. His son, Ben had come to Gasconade Co., MO to an area known as Cooper Hill. The Crawford Family always had worked hard to make a living and raise their children as many people of that era did.  Macdonald and Rachel always had music around their children and were big story tellers. Their legacy would be....although they had very little money or earthly belongings, they always managed to teach their children about the Lord and the importance of family.  I do not think that Macdonald would have ever left Ohio had Rachel not died.

Macdonald died around 1917 and is buried in the Nubbin Ridge Cemetary in Gasconade Co., MO.  On his tombstone it just says "Mack D. Crawford--1st Ohio H.A."

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