Heidi's Favorite Genealogy Links
Great Genealogy Home Page Links:
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Reed's Genealogy Page
A Barrel of Genealogy Links
Okey's West Virginia Home Page
Obituaries Online
The Quaker Corner
Kentucky Vital Records Index
Genealogy Gems Online-Research Links
Missouri Death Index Page
Crawford Co. Genealogy Page
Ancestry Quest Genealogy

Surname Specific Sites:
Heidi's Genealogy-
Arthur's Courtyard
Hottel Family Page
Drake Family Search Web Page
Jones Sought Index
Leonard Family Arms
Linebaugh Family found on Moravian Church Records Site
Heinrich Frey Family Association
Riegel Genealogy Web Page
Stout Organization
Throckmorton Arms

Tom's Genealogy-
Eastman Genealogy and History
Robert Kline's Home Page
The Littlefield Family Research Page
Deacon Edmund Rice (1638) Association
Hemingway Genealogy Site

General Data Base and Surname Searchs:
America's First Families Database
LDS Family Search Site
Surname Web
Genealogy Gateway to the Web
Genealogy Help Network
GenExchange and Surname Registry
Connect with Surnames
Cousin Calculator
Dig Search Site
Census On-Line Links
Census Central
Clues in Census Records, 1850-1920
All Census Index
Everton's Genealogical Helper Magazine
Family Chronical Magazine
Family TreeMaker Search Page
Find a Grave by Name
First Name Basis-A Search for an unusally named ancestor
National Genealogical Association
Genealogy Online
Library of Virginia
One-Percent of the 1850 Federal Census
State Census Directory
Source List for Genealogy Research
Royal Genealogy Page
U.S. Regional Lists--Rootsweb
U.S. Genweb Archives Search Page
Family Workings
Genalogy Central
Vanished Free Data Base Library

Historical Research Sites:
Ancestry Corner.com
Biography Find
Germanna Settlers Site
History Books Online
Library of Congress Search Site
Making of America
Medal of Honor Citations
New River Notes
The USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project
American Plantations and Colonies - Ship Index
American Civil War Homepage
U.S. Land Patents-Searchable Data Base
Deciphering Old Handwriting

Map & Location Information:
Excite Travel Map
Map Gothia - Swedish Mapdealer
1895 Atlas Title Page
Animated U.S. Map 1650-present
Geographic Nameserver
Land Sales Transaction Lists
USGS-Geographic Names Information System
List of United States Counties
U.S. Surname Distribution List

Finding Swedish Immigrant Ancestors:
Most of these were given to me by my buddy, Betty Dahlstedt

Smultron Swedes List-mailing list for Swedish Ancestors
A Bit of Swedish and Scandinavic History
Augustana College-Swedish Center
Learn to Speak Swedish on the net
Foreign Language for Travelers
AltaVista Translations
The Swedish School Computer Network - Swedish Translations
TTE Sweden at your fingertips!
Swedish Municipalities On-Line
Swedish Migration to the U.S.
Swedish Genealogy Page
US Immigration and Naturalization Service

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