Slabaugh Family
The Slabaugh name has been seen as Schlapbach, Schlappach, Schlabbach, Schlebach, Slaback, Slaybaugh, and many other variations.
Generation 1:
Johannes Slabach b: circa 1694
Maria Elizabeth

Generation 2:
Johann Heinrich Schlebach b: 1715
Elizabeth Feder  b: December 12, 1725

Generation 3:
George Schlebach b: June 19, 1753  d: June 1823 in Lancaster Co., PA
married: October 5, 1779 in Muddy Creek Church, Brecknock Twp., Lancaster Co., PA
Rosina Eshleman b: February 28, 1763 in SWZ  d: March 1839 in Lancaster Co., PA

Generation 4:
Daniel Slabaugh  b: March 25, 1804 in Brecknock Twp., Lancaster Co., PA  d:
Anna (Nancy)

Generation 5:
Susannah Slabaugh  b: February 24, 1826 in PA  d: January 8, 1900 in Acton, Marion Co., IN
married: June 4, 1841 in Shelby Co., IN
Sampson Halfaker  b: Washington Co., VA  d: May 11, 1848

Generation 6:
Louis Daniel Halfaker b: January 12, 1848 in Marion Co., IN d: August 31, 1923 in Crawford Co., MO
married: August 1870 in IN
Margaret Jane Poston b: May 15, 1853 in IN d: December 24, 1880 in Shelby Co., IN

Generation 7:
Charles Daniel Halfaker b: February 26, 1879 in IN d: December 18, 1958 in Crawford Co., MO
married: January 30, 1905 in Crawford Co., MO
Louise Marie King b: February 23, 1885 in St. Louis Co., MO. d: January 6, 1918 in Crawford Co., MO

Generation 8:
Charles Daniel Halfaker, Jr. b: December 5, 1911 in Crawford Co., MO d: December 24, 1977 in Crawford Co., MO
married: January 24, 1932 in Crawford Co., MO
Alma Lillian Jones b: November 23, 1916 in Shelby Co., IL (living)

Generation 9:
Dwight Herman Halfaker b: September 19, 1932 in Crawford Co., MO d: September 20, 1998 in Audrain Co., MO
married: February 17, 1956 in Crawford Co., MO
Dorothea Ethel Crawford b: August 10, 1929 in St. Louis Co., MO
d: March 2, 2000 in Crawford Co., MO

Generation 10:
Heidi Alyce Halfaker b: January 28, 1957 in Phelps Co., MO (living)
married: September 8, 1979 in Crawford Co., MO
Thomas Eugene Goodsite b: September 22, 1955 in Huron Co., OH (living)

If you think we are related or have any additional information on the ancestors listed above, please email Heidi.

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