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Rachel Radabaugh

Rachel Radabaugh was born in 1844 in Scioto County, Ohio. She was the fourth child to be born to Lewis Radabaugh and Delilah Spriggs. She married Macdonald Crawford on December 23, 1861. Her new husband had to go off to war and although Rachel had to be heart broken, she kept the home fires burning for the man that thought "she was the most beautiful woman in the world."   Rachel had grown up in the Ohio River Valley and she soon started a family with Macdonald that they would begin raising a family in the land so familiar to her.
Rachel and Macdonald had the following children:

Macdonald "Black Mack" Crawford born abt. 1864
Emma Crawford born abt. 1868
Delilah May Crawford born abt. 1872
Elizabeth Crawford born abt. 1874
Benjamin Franklin Crawford born abt. 1876
Rosella Crawford
Belle Crawford

Rachel would die in 1885 at the age of 41 years old.  She is buried in Portsmouth, Scioto Co., Ohio.  Macdonald would mourn her the rest of his life and although he was only 45 years old when she died, he would never remarry.  When Macdonald left for Missouri with his sons around 1890, he would never return to Ohio.


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