Buzzard Family

Generation 1:
Heinrich Bosshart b: December 22, 1695 in Dynart, Germany
Anna Schaub  b: November 12, 1694

Generation 2:
Henry Buzzard b: December 26, 1725 Near the Palatines in Germany near the Rhine River.  d: 1791 on the West Dry Run, Pendleton Co., WV.
married: 1760 on the South Branch of Potomac, Hardy Co., WV
Elizabeth Alt  b: Abt. 1726 d:?

Generation 3:
Catherine Buzzard b: 1761 on North Fork of the South Branch of Potomac, Hardy Co., WV  d: July 20, 1851 in West Unity, Williams Co., OH
married: 1780 in Greenbriar co., WV
Henry Radabaugh b: 1760 in PA  d: 1818 in Madison Township, Jackson Co., OH

Generation 4:
Jesse Radabaugh b: 1796 in Greenbriar Co., WV  d:1846 in Jackson Co., OH
married: March 17, 1816 in Gallia, OH
Elizabeth Arthur b: 1798 in Greenbriar Co., WV  d: 1843

Generation 5:
Lewis Radabaugh b: 1817 in KY
married: January 31, 1836 in Jackson Co., OH
Delilah Spriggs b: 1816 in KY

Generation 6:
Rachel Radabaugh  b: 1844 in Scioto Co., OH  d: 1885 in Portsmouth, Scioto Co., OH
married: December 23, 1861 in Scioto Co., OH
Macdonald Crawford  b: 1841 in Scioto Co., OH  d: Abt. 1920 in Owensville, Gasconade Co., MO

Generation 7:
Benjamin Franklin Crawford b: 1876 in Scioto Co., OH  d: June 16, 1950 in St. Louis, MO
married: circa 1900
Margaret E. Ellis

Generation 8:
Charles Donald Crawford  b: June 17, 1905 in Bland, Gasconade Co. MO  d: April 11, 1978 in Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO
married: January 28, 1928 in Clayton, St. Louis Co., MO
Olga Linnea Peterson  b: November 27, 1899 in Kansas City, MO  d: July 6, 1979 in Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO

Generation 9:
Dorothea Ethel Crawford b: August 10, 1929 in St. Louis Co., MO d: March 2, 2000 in Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO
married: February 17, 1956 in Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO
Dwight Herman Halfaker b: September 19, 1932 in Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO  d: September 20, 1998 in Mexico, Audrain Co., MO

Generation 10:

Heidi Alyce Halfaker b: January 28, 1957 in Rolla, Phelps Co., MO  (living)
married: September 8, 1979 in Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO
Thomas E. Goodsite b: September 22, 1955 in Norwalk, Huron Co., OH (living)

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