Throckmorton Family

Generation 1:
Gervase  b: abt. 1080

Generation 2:
Osmond de Trokmerten  b: abt. 1110

Generation 3:
John de Throckmorton  b:circa 1135

Generation 4:
Henry Throckmorton  b: 1165

Generation 5:
Robert Throckmorton  b: circa 1185

Generation 6:
Adam Throckmorton  b: circa 1205

Generation 7:
Robert Throckmorton  b: abt. 1225

Generation 8:
Simon Throkmorton  b: circa 1245

Generation 9:
Robert Throckmorton  b: 1275

Generation 10:
Giles Throckmorton  b: 1300 in ENG
Agnes Fraunceys  b: Abt. 1310 in Coughton, Warwick, ENG

Generation 11:
Robert de Throkemorton  b: Abt. 1330 in Throckmorton, Warwickshire, ENG  d: Aft. 1411
Lucy Colman  b: Abt. 1334

Generation 12:
Thomas de Throkmorton  b: 1356 in Throckmorton, Warwickshire, ENG
married: Aft. 1380 in ENG
Agnes de Besford  b: 1365 in Besford, Worcester Co., ENG  d: Aft. 1428

Generation 13:
Sir John Throckmorton  b: 1384 in Throckmorton, Warwickshire, ENG  d: April 14, 1445
married: Abt. 1409 in ENG
Eleanor de la Spine  b: 1385 in Coughton, Warwick, ENG  d: 1466

Generation 14:
Sir Thomas Throckmorton  b: 1412 in Coughton, Warwick, ENG  d: July 13, 1472 in Coughton, Warwick, ENG
married:1446 in Coughton, Warwick, ENG
Margaret Olney  b: Abt. 1425

Generation 15:
Sir John Throckmorton  b: 1460 in  South Elmham, Suffolk, ENG  d: 1507 in ENG
married: Abt. 1480 in ENG
Jane Baynard  b: 1465 in  Spexall, Suffolk, ENG  d: Abt. 1539 in ENG

Generation 16:
Simon Throckmorton  b: 1495 in Suffolk Co., ENG  d:  July 10, 1527 in ENG
married: Abt. 1520 ENG
Anne Louthe  b: Abt. 1495  in  Huntingdon, ENG  d; 1577 in ENG

Generation 17:
Lyonell Throckmorton  b: 1525 in Allhallows, South Elmham, Suffolk, ENG  d: 1598 in ENG
married: Abt. 1561 in Barsham, Suffolk, ENG
Elizabeth Blennerhasset  b: 1537 in Barsham, Suffolk, ENG  d: 1607

Generation 18:
Bassingbourne Throckmorton b: 1564 in Couthton, Suffolk, ENG  d: September 21, 1638 in Norwich, Norfolk, ENG
married: December 7, 1591 in ENG
Mary Hill  b: Abt. 1568 in Norwich, Norfolk, ENG

Generation 19:
John Throckmorton  b: Abt. 1601 in ENG  d: March 16, 1682 in Middletown, Monmouth Co., NJ
married: Abt. 1630 in ENG
Rebecca Colvill  b: Abt. 1610 in ENG

Generation 20:
Job Throckmorton I  b: September 1, 1650 in Providence Co., RI  d: August 20, 1709 in Middletown, Monmouth Co., NJ
married: February 2, 1682 in Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., NJ
Sarah Leonard  b: May 30, 1660 in Lynn, Essex Co., MA  d: February 5, 1743 in Monmouth Co., NJ

Generation 21:
Job Throckmorton II  b: 1696 in Middletown, Monmouth Co., NJ  d: February 22, 1746 in Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., NJ
married: 1720 in NJ
Frances Stout  b: Abt. 1700

Generation 22:
Lewis Throckmorton b: 1743 in Freehold, NJ  d: 1798 in Hampshire Co., VA
married: 1770
Rachel Dumas/Demoss  b: in Freehold, NJ  d: in Hampshire Co., VA

Generation 23:
Sarah Throckmorton  b: 1778 in NJ or VA  d:1850 in Franklin TWP, Jackson Co., OH
married: 1800 in OH
Daniel Spriggs  b: January 21, 1773 in Freehold, NJ  d: January 21, 1846 in Antioch Cemetary, Jackson Co., OH

Generation 24:
Delilah Spriggs  b: 1816 in KY  d: ?
married: January 31, 1836 in Jackson Co., OH
Lewis Radabaugh  b: 1817 in KY  d: ?

Generation 25:
Rachel Radabaugh  b: 1844 in Scioto Co., OH  d: 1885 in Portsmouth, Scioto Co., OH
married: December 23, 1861 in Scioto Co., OH
Macdonald Crawford  b: 1841 in Scioto Co., OH  d: Abt. 1925 in Gasconade Co., MO

Genertion 26:
Benjamin Crawford  b: 1876 in Scioto Co., OH  d: 1950 in St. Louis Co., MO
Margaret Ellis

Generation 27:
Charles Donald Crawford  b: June 17, 1905 in Bland, Gasconade Co., MO  d: April 11, 1978 in Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO
married:  January 28, 1928 in Clayton, St. Louis Co., MO
Olga Linnea Peterson  b: November 27, 1899 in Kansas City, MO  d: July 6, 1979 in Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO

Generation 29:
Dorothea Ethel Crawford  b: August 10, 1929 in St. Louis Co., MO d: March 2, 2000 in Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO
married: February 17, 1956 in Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO
Dwight Herman Halfaker  b: September 19, 1932 in Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO  d: September 20, 1998 in Mexico, Audrain Co., MO

Generation 30:
Heidi Alyce Halfaker  b: January 28,, 1957 in Rolla, Phelps Co., MO (living)
married: September 8, 1979 in Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO
Thomas Eugene Goodsite  b: September 22, 1955 in Norwalk, Huron Co., OH  (living)

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